MANDYNAMIC is the leading Greek workforce solutions company, specializing in the fields of personnel recruiting and managed services. During its long course of operations, the company is effectively covering the needs of 3.000+ enterprises across all sectors, providing its services 18/24hours, 7/7days, 365 days per year and has employed 45.000+ people. Based in Athens and Edessa, MANDYNAMIC in now expanding further, by constantly integrating new partners in major cities of Greece.


Η ΚΕΜ ΕΧPO MON. IKE ιδρύθηκε το 1989 με αντικείμενο την μελέτη, τον σχεδιασμό και την οργάνωση εξειδικευμένων εκθέσεων.  

Αγ. Τριάδος 18, 153 43

Αγ. Παρασκευή, Αθήνα

TΗΛ.: 0030 210-6084550
FAX: 0030 210-6084559


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