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Expand Your Franchise In Greece!

The Biggest Franchise Event in the region of South – Eastern Europe

KEM International Franchise Exhibition
March 15th – 18th 2019, Athens – Greece

M.E.C Mediterranean Exhibition Centre, Lavriou Street 301, Paiania, Attica, Greece

We would like to announce you the forthcoming KEM International Franchise Exhibition to be held on the 15th – 18th of March 2019 in Athens and at the MEC Mediterranean Exhibition Centre, Paiania.

Over the last year, franchising development has enormously grown. Greek investors find Franchise as one of the best opportunities to secure their capital.The KEM Franchise Expo gathers record entries every year.

Already some of the largest most famous and established brands in the Greek Market have declared their participation, which will present their concepts. The KEM Expo visitors can choose from a wide variety of concepts that suit them and ensure their future professional careers.

 The sectors of the exhibiting companies are listed below:

  • Food – Super Market – Mini Market – Organic Food – Ice Cream
  • Sushi – Snack – Confectionery – Tea Shops – Coffee Shops
  • Café – Sandwich – Biscuits – Theme Restaurants – Internet Cafe
  • Health – Beauty – Personal Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Gyms
  • Optical
  • Clothing – Shoes – Accessories – Bags
  • Services
  • Education-Training
  • Small Home Appliance Equipment’s
  • Gifts – Gadget
  • Ecological – Energy
  • High Technology Products


Complete the application form for the Exhibition 2019. For further information do not hesitate to communicate with us, in order to help you choosing your stand which will promote your business.



With your participation at the KEM Franchise Exhibition, you are given the opportunity to choose from many prospective investors within a 4-day period, the appropriate Franchisee partners throughout the country.

Who will you meet at KEM?

You will meet people with great motivation, people who believe franchise is the most appropriate path for their business future.

You will meet prospect investors with interest either for a unit or for multi units. The KEM expo visitors are already ‘’trained’’ and committed for their next business step.

Υour participation in KEM Expo is the best way to get in touch with these people, and get the proper knowledge of what, how and when to invest, so you will be able to suggest a business proposal according to their wish.

KEM visitors are willing and ready to make deals. Even in times of economic crisis, these potential investors choose Franchise because they are convinced that it is a method that resists the crisis and maintains a very high success rate. These investors are highly interested in collaborations with a strong brand especially the brand comes from abroad.

KEM EXPO offers you the opportunity to get in touch with thousands of visitors, highly qualified prospective investors, willing to meet you and discuss with you the possibility of a profitable cooperation.


Complete the application form for the Exhibition 2019. For further information do not hesitate to communicate with us, in order to help you choosing your stand which will promote your business.


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In the middle of the financial crisis, franchise proves in day to day bases that it overcomes the difficulties for the market growth. 

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Over 500 companies that participated in KEM Franchise Exhibitions developed their network with great success!

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Said about us... 

I would like to thank you for your well planned meeting and fair. It will be our pleasure to market your fair!

Karin Kisker (SFA / Swedish
Franchise Association)

Karin Kisker

Σύνδεσμος Franchise Σουηδίας

On behalf of the French Franchise Federation, I would like to thank you for the nice and warm reception you gave us in Athens. You have provided us with good working conditions and nice accommodation. Having seen the progress of your exhibition I also would like to congratulate you for this achievement. We know what this means, as amount of work, involvement and investment.

Chantal Zimmer (EFF / European Franchise Federation)

Chantal Zimmer

Σύνδεσμος Franchise Γαλλίας

It is a great honor to participate in the KEM World Franchise Exhibition which gives the opportunity to present new business ideas, to sign business contracts and is the spark for evaluating the international progress within the exciting world of international franchise.

Dhawal Shah (FAI / Franchising Association of India)

Dhawal Shah

Σύνδεσμος Franchise Ινδίας

I would like to thank you for the very successfully organized exhibition and WFC meeting in Athens. As every member of WFC
noted, this meeting was one of the most successful meetings organized the last years. I am very happy that it was organized by such a
professional company like KEM.

Ekaterina Soyak (Russia)

Ekaterina Soyak

Franchise Ρωσία